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 TOP: Master Cal and Master Dave           10 Streaming Minutes 
  We are continuously amused at the filthy depths this greedy pig sinks to! Not only does it crouch naked in a public toilet waiting to serve cruel men like us, but we push it even further ordering it to lick the grimy piss, dirt and spit out of the used urinals! The cunt actually does it! Ha! We reward it by beating its arse with a cruel leather belt. WHACK! Face fully in that yellow stained porcelain and breathing in all the noxious fumes. Now its tongue will be permanently coated in anonymous men’s waste.  


 TOP: Master Cal and Master Dave           11 Streaming Minutes 
  It’s fucking hilarious how insatiable this twat is gobbling up sweets directly from our arses! All we have to do is shake our bums and PLOP! A filthy melted log directly in its greedy gob! If the chocolate gets stuck the dumb cunt has to suck it directly out of our holes. HAHA! Now our arses need a thorough cleaning and this bottom feeder better make them pristine. We allow it to ram its tongue deep inside our anuses before ordering it to lick all the mess off from the grimy floor!  

 TOP: Master Cal and Master Dave           10 Streaming Minutes 
This disgusting piggie desperately craves sweeties and our big manly arses! Why not give the greedy cunt both?! Swallow chocolate logs straight from our stinking holes, bitch. Haha! What a filthy bottom feeder. It gobbles down those filthy treats like its Christmas. It’s so fucking funny making the bastard slurp down the whole packs from our arses and eat them off the filthy floor till it’s totally overwhelmed and sick. HA!

 TOP: Master Cal and Master Dave           10 Streaming Minutes 

There’s no loo roll in this toilet but this fucking piggie waits obediently on the floor to lick our arseholes clean. It has heard the heavy plops splashing in the toilet and now it’s time to put it to work! We ram its disgusting face between our cheeks so its tongue slides up our dirty holes and it must inhale the scent of our turds. Every last bit of dirt must be sucked from our arse hairs. It makes us fiendishly grin to see how low this scum has sunk planting its face in our arses to greedily swallow every last bit of dung.

 TOP: Master Cal and Master Dave           10 Streaming Minutes 

We’re endlessly entertained by the depths of depravity this fucking scum sinks to! While the cunt continuously rams that thick dildo up its destroyed bum hole it desperately struggles to kiss and lick our cheesy toes. Haha! Bounce on that rubber dick while swallowing our spit and piss, BITCH!!! It better lick clean every last drop from our nob heads and piss slits. Any slacking earns it another skin searing walloping! What an ungrateful greedy fucking toilet this thing is. It’s disgusting flabby body reeks inside and out with our stinking urine. Look at the evil fury on our faces while we THRASH this bitch into the scummy floor with our thick leather belts!

 TOP: Master Jozef and Master Dave           11 Streaming Minutes 

We demonstrate our absolute dominance standing directly on this lowly fucker’s dick and chest while spitting directly into its gob. In every painful second it’s flattened and left gasping beneath us like a worthless bitch! Haha! At the same time we want it to worship our toes and clean the soles of our feet with its tongue. 

 TOP: Master Jozef and Master Dave           10 Streaming Minutes 

If this fucking faggot wants to be our bitch it needs to act like a proper girlie wearing lacy under things and giving us a lap dance. The loser can’t even be a proper slut so isn’t worth being anything more than our personal urinal. We order it to swallow ever last drop of our stinking piss and then trample the cunt into the floor. The bastard is lucky to be CRUSHED beneath the weight of real men!

 TOP: Master Dave and Master Aaron           10 Streaming Minutes 

We’re kindly letting this grovelling little faggot swallow down our spit and the fucker has spilled it all over the floor. This cunt better use its hair as a mop and its body as a sponge to clean all this up or there’ll be consequences! It’s hilarious watching this bastard degrade itself while we continue to spit directly onto its arsehole. What a state this desperate wimp is in! All it can do is stare up longingly at the real man towering over it and laughing our fucking arses off!

 TOP: Master Billy & Master Terry 150 Images 4 Videos     14 Streaming Minutes 

 TOP: Master Dave and Master Aaron           10 Streaming Minutes 

We get off on working out our aggression and pent up fury on faggoty cunts like this. The more pain and anguish we cause it the better! The new cruel game we’ve devised is to string this bitch up and blindfold it so it doesn’t know when or from which direction its punishment is coming from. Haha! Look at how it pathetically squirms and tries to protect itself as we thrash this fucker so viciously it will feel the marks we leave on its body for months!

 TOP: Master Dave and Master Thomas           10 Streaming Minutes 

All that hot work on the construction site means we’ve been guzzling gallons of water. So our bladders are full to bursting! And here we have our own personal human urinal. This disgusting saddo better swallow every last drop of my stinking yellow piss or its going to get a THRASHING. I also need it to clean my dick and stinking arse with its tongue. And this fucking piggie better obey OR ELSE…

 TOP: Master Dave and Master Thomas           13 Streaming Minutes 

After a hard day of heavy lifting the least that this faggot cunt can do is strip off our sweaty work gear for us. But the dozy bitch is so fucking useless we have to use our leather belts to mercilessly whack its back and eager arse. Haha! Soon that lily white skin is striped red!!! Master Thomas’ feet are covered in sweat and grime and we order this pig to lick his feet clean. We work up a fresh layer of sweat beating this bitch so the air in the room is thick with the stench of our masculine bodies. To entertain us we demand this pathetic fucker fuck himself while bouncing around. What a ridiculous little homo!!!

 TOP: Master Aaron and Master Thomas           10 Streaming Minutes 

I tell my mate Master Thomas about the filthy fun I had using this dirty fucker. I bring him in so we can use this faggot together. We know it wants our arses so we ram them right in its face! Ha! That’s right! A real man’s stinking arse directly over its mouth and nose so this homo is totally overwhelmed. We ram its head right into our arse cracks and demand that it slide its tongue up our holes.

 TOP: Master Thomas and Master Leo           11 Streaming Minutes 

We’ve got a pup to crouch naked below us and worship our feet. Actually this fucking wretch is lower than a dog! It can’t even lick our sweaty feet properly. We make it serve us and only reward it by spitting in its ugly face and strapping its bare arse. There’s nothing like kicking back with a mate while a dirty little bitch desperately tries to serve and pleasure us! Haha!

 TOP: Master Thomas and Master Leo           10 Streaming Minutes 

We’re getting pumped and working up a big sweat! There’s a desperate lurker watchin us. The sad perv can only dream about being real men like us and we mercilessly tease it making it lick the stinking moisture from our hairy armpits and arse cracks. It’s hilarious lashing and ordering this horny fag to lap at our bodies like a fucking mutt!

 TOP: Master Leo             10 Streaming Minutes 

 TOP: Master Toby   24 Images 4 Videos     13 Streaming Minutes 

 TOP: Master Bob 45 Images 4 Videos     11 Streaming Minutes 

 TOP: Master Austin 34 Images 4 Videos     10 Streaming Minutes 

 TOP: Masters Maurice and Dave 43 Images 4 Videos     13 Streaming Minutes 

 TOP: Master Nick & Master Derek 160 Images 4 Videos     25 Streaming Minutes 



Handsome sailors Nick and Derek are on their first night of shore leave. It's been a long tour of duty and our two sex starved seamen are on a mission to get pissed, get laid and cause as much mayhem as they can.

A red light catches their eye in a nearby window and going in are greeted not by a sexy temptress but by slutty sub martin instead. Disappointed and pissed off they decide to have some bully boy fun at this arse whores expense.

Swigging from their bottles they order martin to strip while performing a sexy dance for them, much to their amusement. Puffing on a cigarette as the pathetic show continues, Nick has nowhere to ash his fag so uses martins mouth instead, spitting brew into the sub's receptive orifice to wash it all down. What a kind Master he is.

Cigarettes spent they are ashed and extinguished in the human ashtray's mouth, copious amounts of secondhand brew spat in on top to then be chewed down to a pulp.

Ordered to remove his Masters tops, martin eagerly strips off their pristine uniforms to reveal sexy muscled bodies earned from hours of endless hard toil.

Master Derek gets a whiff of his stinky sweaty armpits; It's not pleasant smell. In their haste to get ashore both Tops neglected to shower that days dirt and grime from their bodies so instead take turns showering courtesy of the sub's sloppy wet mouth, Nick ramming it's head firmly under his pit and locking it in there, his tattooed bulging bicep acting like a vice to keep the sub's tongue in permanent contact with his stinky matted underarm hair.

Taking some rope they've found, Derek and Nick set about tying up their whore, laughing at it laid out on the floor unable to move or get away. Tasked with removing their shoes and socks the useless prick fails miserably, eventually using his teeth to try and pull off Master Derek's sweaty odorous socks.

Derek uses martin's tongue to clean the sweat from the soles of his bare feet and dirt from between his toes, sucking and slurping away every salty trace of perspiration as Nick tramples up and down it's body, bringing his full weight to bear, squashing the sub's tiny cock under foot.

Teasing the immobile cunt, Nick and Derek strip each other naked, making martin watch as their beautiful naked bodies are revealed. So close but unable to touch until the Masters give him their permission.

Squatting over the sub's face Nick orders it to stick out it's tongue ready to receive his puckered anus for detailing, lowering his perfect buttocks down to envelope over martins mouth and seal it completely onto his hole.


 TOP: Master Derek & Master Toby 125 Images 4 Videos     11 Streaming Minutes 



With its tiny cock stuffed painfully in a chastity cage, sub ben has been installed as the Top's ashtray.. Football hooligans Derek and Toby are enjoying a leisurely smoke with their bottles, ashing their cigarettes in the sub's mouth. When ben forgets to thank Master Toby for allowing him to be his ashtray he gets a kicking from Derek. If there is one thing these Tops dislike the most, it's sloppy ungrateful subs. Just as well ben is serving two of the nastiest bastards at Brutal Tops Inc. they're always more than happy to punish a sloppy cunt like him, showing him his rightful place.

Ben is devouring his Master's diet of fag ash, brew and gob as quickly as it is supplied, but it still isn't good enough to meet the high standards of Master Derek, who boots the useless cunt a couple more times for good measure before he and Master Toby extinguish their cigarettes in the sub's mouth. Toby releases ben's cock from the tight confines of the chastity cage; He has a plan to humiliate ben by making him ejaculate in front of them. Derek orders the sub to play with it's cock until it gets hard, but not getting the result fast enough, Master Derek manhandles the sub onto its back on the floor.

Toby and Derek display their power over ben, towering above him as he frantically tries to wank his cock to an erection for them. Taking a step onto ben's shins, Master Derek then walks up it's body, trampling it's semi hard penis in the bargain, making ben cry out in agony at having the tread on Master Derek's size 10 trainers bite into his sensitive cock. Toby climbs up next onto ben's prone body, trampling both the sub's cock and bollocks at the same time and causing it to let out an even more pathetic cry. This Tottenham scumbag sub is about to find out that supporting the wrong football team is not the most humiliating thing that he can do. Teasing ben with their perfect bodies, young suckable cocks and pert fleshy buttocks the Masters drive the sub towards his orgasm.

Toby squats over ben, lowering his beautiful arse onto ben's face, ordering him to dig deep with his tongue and rim him, tasting his Master's crap chute as he is made to wank harder and faster. Derek swaps places with Toby, pinching the sub's nipple as his own pungent ring piece gets serviced by ben's tongue. Within moments of Master Derek smothering slutty sub ben with his arsehole the dirty little cunt's cock erupts, spurting sperm over it's chest and stomach. Derek and Toby have a reward for Spurs fan ben. He supports a crap team so they drop two stinky farts right into his mouth.


 TOP: Master Nick & Master Lukas 92 Images 4 Videos     9 Streaming Minutes 



Cruel medics Master Nick and Master Lukas are training a new sub in need of an attitude adjustment. The angry red welts cutting stripes across sub james' fleshy buttocks prove he still has a lot to learn, and fast, if he wants to avoid any more punishing swipes of the Top's crop. Nick decides he'll cram james' dick into a small chastity cage, an ever present reminder that all sexual pleasure is the domain of his Masters and not an unworthy sub like him. Squeezing james' testicles through the small chastity collar causes the sub some obvious discomfort, much to Nick's amusement. Lifting its legs to inspect his handiwork Nick paddles james' buttocks with his hand adding more stinging pain to the already glowing red cheeks. With a knowing nod to Master Lucas the plan is set, james will be their fuck bitch, both his holes will get ruined on their thick hard pricks.

Ordering the sub to kneel before him Nick pushes his already stiffening cock into the face of the sub, its mouth opening without question to begin servicing his Master with its slutty wet mouth and tongue. Master Lucas rarely loses his magnificent hard erection; First slipping a finger into the sub's anus to prepare it for his considerable girth, Lucas takes up position behind james and in one push sinks his cock deep into its bowel. Having his anus stretched on such a big cock makes james wince in pain, dropping Nick's cock from between his lips and earning him a couple of whacks for good measure from his Master.

The Tops swap positions, james' head gripped between Lukas' strong hands as his throat gets fucked by the cock that's only just been pulled out from his arse. Nick has already pushed his wet, tongue bathed cock into the space left by Lukas' equally thick penis, stretching the sub's sphincter even further as he pummels the poor bastards to take his pleasure. Choking the sub on his dirty cock as he pushes it deep into james' throat has brought Master Lucas close to the edge of cumming. Pulling his cock out from between the sub's lips its already coated in his heavy load and thick with the sub's saliva. Milking the last of his precious load from his balls Lukas feeds james' with it, every last drop must be devoured. Nick unsheathes his hard dick from james' slutty anus and coats its buttocks with Master's jizz.


 TOP: Master Billy & Master Wayne 141 Images 4 Videos     17 Streaming Minutes 



As Master Billy's big day approaches, he and best man Wayne are in a suit hire shop getting fitted for their wedding outfits. Things are not to their total satisfaction, in fact, the creepy assistant serving them is getting a little too familiar with their firm athletic young bodies for their liking. Snatching another quick feel of Wayne's arse through his suit trousers has pushed this Top's buttons once too often. Sensing he may have gone too far this time, sub peter checks on the groom in the changing cubicle, but pulling back the curtain, exposes the young Master in his tight white underwear instead. Not a good move. Things don't improve as handsome Billy steps out of the cubicle to get his inside leg measurement taken for the trousers, the pervy tailor grabbing a good handful of the Master's cock in the process. Guessing the curtain incident was no accident but another opportunity for this dirty fucker to catch a glimpse of Billy's pert young arse, the Top's decide to teach peter a lesson, and have a bit of fun at his expense into the bargain...

Lassoing a tape measure tightly around the tailor's stubby little cock and balls, Master Billy tugs cruelly on it, dragging peter around the fitting room like a dog on a leash, the uncomfortable tape cutting into the sub's crotch as Billy wrenches on it to get him to heel.

Wayne joins in, pushing, kicking and punching peter as he crawls around the floor, being made to worship and lick their filthy shoes with his tongue like a good doggy, more harsh tugs on the cock leash to punish the puppy for any hesitation, Master Billy even taking a ride on its back. This dirty old cunt wanted to see what prizes lay under the Top's clothing and he's about to find out, but in a way even he could not have ever dreamed of. Both Master's pull their cocks out through the fly of their suit trousers ready for peter to service them with his mouth and tongue. Ordered to suckle their penises to full erection they use their stiffened cocks to choke and torment the sub, taking turns to relentlessly face fuck him, drool and phlegm coating their hard tools after being rammed deep into the back of the sub's throat. Those pert arses that peter was so keen to get a feel of are now laid bare in front of him as each top takes up position on the sofa ready to get their bumhole's rimmed. Pushing the sub's head between their buttocks, the young pair order peter to poke his slutty tongue deep between their exposed pink buds.

The Tops are enjoying humiliating peter, exacting their revenge and teaching the pervy cunt a lesson as he cleans out their CRAPPY holes. These school buddies have shared a lot of things over the years, pushing peter back and forth between their holes, stroking their erections and turned on by the feel of the sub's slutty tongue lapping at their sensitive arses, kiss each other...

 TOP: Master Billy 39 Images 4 Videos     22 Streaming Minutes 

 TOP: Master Nick & Master Lukas 95 Images 4 Videos     13 Streaming Minutes 


 TOP: Master Liam 34 Images 4 Videos     12 Streaming Minutes 


 TOP: Master Leonardo 69 Images 4 Videos     15 Streaming Minutes 

Snarling schoolboy Master Charlie returns to complete his humiliating treatment of submissive worm elliott. This time the dangerous top can't be bothered to remove his clothes but instead treads all over the worm and treats him like the worthless scum he is.
Treading painfully on the sub's dick causes considerable pain to the sub and this is followed by a mean thrashing from the belt-wielding top. Becoming more and more frenzied, the top kicks the sub directly in his balls and seems to cause considerable damage to the defeated rat.
He then lies on his back so that the top can trample on him, causing more and more damage to his pasty, white body. All the time the psychotic top sneers and laughs at the crawling scum below him.

 TOP: Master Lucas and Master Edward 63 Images 4 Videos     16 Streaming Minutes 



Lucas, Brutal Top's hottest Master, returns with his pal Edward to continue the vicious mistreatment of this feeble sub by fucking him senseless.

The three young men are all discovered completely nude with the runt on his knees awaiting the session. The Masters arrive and take it in turns to ram their dicks into the sub's mouth whilst he alternatively wanks off the other.

This excites the snarling Masters who order the worthless sub to bend over so that they can both fuck the living daylights out of him. Lucas pumps away happily, all the time barking orders at the loose-arsed sub below him. He spunks his load into the sub's mouth before Edward follows suit and also unloads his jizz into the sub' s mouth. At the end all three are left exhausted with the runt bewildered and humiliated about what has just happened to him.

Snarling schoolboy Master Charlie returns to complete his humiliating treatment of submissive worm elliott. This time the dangerous top can't be bothered to remove his clothes but instead treads all over the worm and treats him like the worthless scumbag he is.
Treading painfully on the sub's dick causes considerable pain to the sub and this is followed by a mean thrashing from the belt-wielding top. Becoming more and more frenzied, the top kicks the sub directly in his balls and seems to cause considerable damage to the defeated rat.
He then lies on his back so that the top can trample on him, causing more and more damage to his pasty, white body. All the time the psychotic top sneers and laughs at the crawling scum below him.

 TOP: Master Martin 95 Images 4 Videos 8 Streaming Minutes 


Sub peter has already seen just how short a fuse Top Martin has, feeling his full wrath every time he fucks up, but there is a humiliating, cruel side to his Master as well...

Ordering the sub onto the floor so it's mouth is in line with his arse hole, Martin breaks chunks off a chocolate bar, pushing them up into his hot anus. After a few seconds he squeezes them back out, now softened brown lumps, coating his puckered hole in the confection...

Humiliated and disgusted, peter has to clean Martin's soiled hole with his dirty little mouth and slutty tongue, bathing and rimming his Master's hole pristine clean again - just as Martin shoves up another chunk ready to curl out...



 TOPS: Master Shamus 92 Images 4 Videos 13 Streaming Minutes 


Master Shamus puts the sub's mouth to good use in the bathroom, giving it a good dose of humiliation plus a lesson in oral servitude. With it's cock still confined in chastity, sub ben's first task is to clean the filthy toilet with his own toothbrush...

Ben gulps down as much Master's piss as he can but the Top's flow is so heavy the floor is soon soaked in his spilt urine... another job for ben's dirty little mouth to slurp up before moving onto the main event, a filthy hole in need of an eager sub's worthless tongue to detail clean...

Shamus lends ben some extra encouragement to get him started on his dirty task, ramming his face deep between his exposed buttocks, ben's tongue has no where else to go but up the Top's soiled hole...




28th November 2022

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28th November 2022

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